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So, you have some questions...


"How did you get started with yoga?"

I was introduced to yoga in high school (through DVD's and I think a few VHS tapes), and still recall the relaxed sensation I first experienced. At that time, I had very disordered eating and exercise habits - what I now know to be all too common for this age. I recall one summer spending 2 hours a day doing high intensity cardio workouts, fueled only by meal replacement shakes and salads. At the time, I'd only considered the yoga videos I'd incorporate here and there as a means of a good, deep stretch, but I could not deny the peaceful feeling they left me with.


Fast-forward to college - I dabbled with yoga in my apartment, but had yet to build up a regular practice. It wasn't until I started my first corporate job that yoga quite literally became my refuge. After the initial newness of this post-grad life wore off and I settled into the "this is the rest of my life" mentality, I noticed my anxiety was at an all time high, After only a year into my supposed career, I was experiencing burnout that displayed through optical migraines, mood swings, and turning too often to wine & food to experience some sense of "freedom" at the end of the day. I was quite honestly miserable, calling my mom from the parking lot in tears before going in to work most days.


I learned the company offered one perk - yoga during lunch. So, I decided to give that a shot. Once I snuck away from my desk, dodging looks of "you aren't working through lunch?", I was able to settle in to a world that only lasted 30 minutes, 3 times a week, with a teacher who truly transformed my life. I would return to my desk each day feeling so much more connected to myself, in control of my body, breath and overall life. I then started spending my weekend mornings at Hotbox Yoga in Manayunk, PA, quickly becoming infatuated with the high-powered asana combined with blissful mindfulness practices that they guided me through. 


It wasn't until years later, after leaving this job, that I would make the connection that, not only did I want to continue accessing these yoga-influenced feelings on a daily basis, but I wanted to provide that to others. I found myself in Yoga Teacher Training led by Robert Butera of YogaLife Institute in Wayne, PA and haven't looked back since (okay, just kidding... if we didn't have the skill of self-reflection, would we really be yogis?!). But seriously, I've only looked back in gratitude that all of these shifts and challenges have led me here. I still experience feelings of awe when students are able to resonate with my teachings, allowing me to look forward with gratitude, as well, for all that the future of my yoga journey holds.


"I'm interested in private lessons, what is this process like?"

Prior to our first one-on-one session, we'll have a 30 minute introductory call. We will discuss your personal experience with yoga, and any injuries, fears, goals and more. We will also walk through a typical session experience. Assuming we are a strong mutual fit and would like to continue on, we will then craft a unique program tailored to your aforementioned individual preferences, and get started! Each following session will be 75 minutes unless otherwise discussed, and will include a combination of a physical yoga practice (60 minutes), and collaborative conversation/coaching. Following each session, you'll receive a weekly summary and at-home practices to move through at your own pace. The exact structure of our sessions can change as your knowledge, needs, and practice evolves!

"I've never practiced yoga, should I start with a group class?"

This is totally up to you! If you're nervous about any aspect of yoga lessons (physical, emotional, monetary), we can discuss this in our introductory call, or, feel free to attend a group class and we can chat after! You are not required to show up with any prior knowledge of yoga; I love coaching beginners and am happy to work from whatever level you are starting at.

"What should I consider before beginning private yoga lessons?"

A new private yoga student should consider their fears - asking themselves whether there is anything holding them back from fully diving into and investing in this process. The physical and mental practice of yoga tends to unveil some unhealed emotional wounds for many (don't let this scare you! There is a wonderful healing journey ahead). I'd encourage them to explore whatever is coming up for them, both on their own, and perhaps with their instructor, when they are ready. They should also consider their goals and what's drawing them towards the practice of yoga. Whether their goals are fitness-based, health-focused, or driven by a pure interest or infatuation with the practice, there is no right or wrong. But, coming to a new challenge with the awareness behind what's brought you there will provide a stronger foundation.

"What education/certifications do you have?"

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500). I completed both my YTT 200 and YTT 300 through YogaLife Institute. I am also a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) and a trained Birth Doula. These trainings took place through Awakened Spirit Yoga.


"I'd like to offer yoga classes to my staff/business/clients/community. Can we work together?"

Yes, let's chat! Email to discuss your event/needs.

"Are you insured?"

I am insured by BeYogi Insurance. 

"What should I know about your rates/booking policies?"

All private lessons must be booked online, in advance. Please visit this page to do so. Private lesson rates are contingent upon travel time, length of session, and number of attendees - price listed online is subject to change, should the client be outside of travel range/timeframe/more than one student. Virtual (Zoom) private and group classes are at a discounted rate, as no travel or location-hosting is involved. Pricing for pop-up or outdoor group classes will be posted on the specific event or booking page. 

If payment is an obstacle for you, please contact and we can discuss scholarships or payment plans available that help to make classes more attainable for you. Cancellation policies are posted at the check-out page of all booking options.

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