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Our yin yoga class, featuring guided breathwork & mindfulness exercises, complimented by long, juicy stretches. The perfect way to start or end your day.

Relax your mind, calm your breath, and restore your body.


This class features a blend of yang (active yoga) with yin (passive yoga). Ease into your practice with slow, nourishing stretches as we build up to moderately paced standing sequences, connecting our breath to movement.


We’ll wind down with deep, restful stretches and a dreamy Savasana. You’ll leave class feeling lengthened, strengthened, and restored.


An invigorating class featuring vinyasa-style sequences merged with strength-building movements (think Goddess squats, Chair pulses, and core work!). Intended to lift the heart rate and build muscle, all while flowing through your classic yoga poses.


Let your body melt into the mat as we round out our class with nourishing stretches and mindful breathing.



"High Intensity + Yoga Asana"

This class merges the cardiovascular benefits of a HIIT class with the flexibility & mobility training of yoga.

We warm up and cool down with some yoga classics, but we get the heart pumping in between! 

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